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Sustainable Materials

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Applied Sustainable Materials, Inc. is an innovation and quality driven company exclusively focused on the development, distribution and manufacturing of products that is renewable and sustainable.


Our dedication to research and experiments with new applications and new products enable us to stay at the forefront of this innovative field, which in turn allows us to bring new possibilities to our customers.


We design and manufacture products by incorporating proprietary eco-friendly additives and resins. These ingredients meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standard for compostability and have comparable and even superior performance characteristics to conventional, petroleum-based products.


Then we made these semi-products into 100% compostable products providing alternatives to conventional plastics, enabling industry and consumers to move closer toward a low carbon footprint lifestyles and green economies.


Our team has broad expertise in plastics, paper, foam disposables, post-consumer recycled content, renewable materials and film/sheet manufacturing with discreetly selected and managed eco-friendly  ingredients portfolio which covers additives, printing inks, flexible film, foam, rigid injection molded materials and engineered plastics. These resources allow for the production of eco-friendly and 100% compostable finished products, such as mulch films for agriculture applications,  kitchen/garden waste collection bags, single-use food service products, and packing materials.


Our primary objective is to provide our clients with high quality eco-friendly and compostable products with ultimate intention to replace conventional, petroleum-based plastics further to help build a sustainable society that lives upon sustainable materials.

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