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Sustainable Materials

Biodegradable Packaging Solutions

When you're looking for eco-friendly packaging solutions to do your part to protect the environment, we are here to help.

We can help develop, customize, and decorate stock or existing packaging to suit your specific needs. Our experienced Design & Engineering team can guide you through all the development phases to create a packaging that is biodegradable, renewable and sustainable.

Raw Materials: Starch based resins (PLA and others); Plant fibers (Sugarcane/Wheat straw)


Applications: Laptop, Cellphone, Medical, Telecommunication, Beverage, Health and Beauty,                            Set-Top Box, Printer, Lighting.


Manufacturing Methods: Molded Pulp; Thermoforming; Film blown Extrusion.

•Fully compostable in commercial composting facilities

•New proprietary resin formula offers Better

strength, toughness, and heat resistance

•Certified compostable in USA and EU

Application: Audio Accessories

Market: Consumer Electronics

Previous Material:  Combination Thermoforming PET and Corrugate box

Problem:  High assembly costs due to multiple corrugated paper components required to protect the product from damage, excessive freight costs and storage limitations were concerned.

Solution:  A custom 1 piece clamshell was developed, which significantly reduced labor cost in assembly. Freight costs and storage were reduced as the new molded pulp trays can be nested.  

Case Study

Application: Primary Packaging

Market: Consumer Electronics

Previous Material:  LDPE bags

Problem:  New demand on using biodegradable packaging to reduce pollution and CO2 emission.

Solution: Engineered and developed a fully biodegradable and compostable film with similar technical performance as PE bag.  

Whether the solution is a modification or a custom packaging design, we construct the packaging solution around the notion of social, ecological and economic consequences of the entire supply chain, from the extraction and processing of raw materials to design, manufacturing, distribution, use and, in turn, disposal and recycling. Most important, every packaging solution must also protect the product over its intended lifecycle while using resources efficiently.

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Case Study

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