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International logistics is complicate. We are available to provide international supply chain solutions to our customers. Our door to door shipping option covers shipments outbound and inbound between warehouses among countries.


By having all design, engineering and production available under one roof at our headquarter, it allows for greater scheduling flexibility and shorter lead-times, increased quality control and competitive pricing.


We offer clients inventory management services: We monitor inventory, which includes sending detailed reports to our clients communicating inventory realities; and, if quantities drop to a pre-set level, we will advise or take necessary actions to replenish stock.


In order to ensure our clients' timelines are met, we offer a variety of shipping management services, such as drop ship, full product tracking, barcode capabilities, secure and strategic west coast-based warehouse location, etc. We also offer batch releases, which means we can run bulk quantity orders, inventory, and ship a fraction of the stock at pre-set dates; this allows our customers to achieve lower piece part prices due to bulk quantity run regardless of how much product is needed throughout the year.




Applied Sustainable Materials, Inc. headquartered in Taipei City, Taiwan.

Our state of the art manufacturing plants located in Taiwan, equipped with the most advanced equipments, software and  technologies available for applications of extrusion, thermoforming and injection molding.

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Applied Sustainable Materials, Inc. has the most sophisticated quality control systems such as ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP in place to ensure product safety and quality. We run first article inspection on all parts and take a random sampling during production, allowing us to chart the data and instantly eliminate any inconsistency in part dimension and performance. By insisting on our own rigid standards for material acceptability from our suppliers, we minimize production flaws resulting from inconsistencies in material attributes and quality. Additionally, our in-line automated optical inspection machine conducts 100% QC check on printing defects and identifies foreign objects with instant defect removal mechanism which further guarantees exceptional high quality standard of our products.


International Logistics