ProFoam Cups and Accessories

  • Made from #5 plastic Polypropylene
  • Excellent thermal insulation for both cold and hot
  • Microwave safe – Heat-resistance to 230°F
  • 100% Recyclable*- Single material composite
  • Sturdy rolled rim with comfort grip
  • Rigid cup construction – Shatter-proof, puncture and crack-resistant
  • Food contact safe

ProFoam™, PP foam cups, made from fully recyclable #5 plastic Polypropylene, manufactured with the most advanced supercritical CO2 technology which uses ambient carbon dioxide (CO2) as a foaming agent to generate foam in a much eco-friendly way. Unlike traditional foam cups, ProFoam™ cups withstand a wider temperature range (-4°F ~ 230°F) while remaining comfortable to the touch, with less cold drink condensation and longer lasting thermal insulation performance. One cup for hot and cold dual uses. No need for extra napkins, double cupping, sleeves, or multilayer paper wraps. With the thin-wall design, smaller case cube takes up less storage space and makes shipping more efficient.