Fiber Materials

Thermoformed Fiber Packaging

Our thermoformed pulp products are manufactured in clean, hygiene, certified food-contact safe factory where our food-service items are also manufactured

  • Excellent vibration and shock resistance properties
  • Low tooling costs are typically less than other packaging materials, such as thermo & vacuum formed plastics
  • Static Free: Molded pulp is chemically and electrically neutral
  • Soft Surfaces: No scratching or unwanted abrasion
  • Climate Tolerance: Our products perform in virtually all temperatures and humidity


Consumer Electronics Packaging; Beverage Secondary Packaging; Container Primary Packaging; Disposable Medical Products

Molded Pulp Packaging Solutions

Molded pulp, also referred to as molded paper pulp or molded fiber, is made of 100% non-tree based fiber such as wheat straw , sugarcane, etc.. They are the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted from the plant and then we turn these agricultural wastes into renewable packaging materials.

Materials Molded Fiber Corrugated Box Styrofoam EPS Foam Tote
Price Low Medium High High
Recyclable Yes N/A No Varies
Bio-Degradable Yes N/A No No
Nestable Yes No No No
Assembly Required No Yes No Yes

Molded Fiber vs. Other Packaging Options

50 nested Molded Pulp endcaps 65.3″ high vs.50 EPS endcaps 218.75″ high = 70% warehouse space saved with Molded Pulp

Material Molded Fiber EPS Foam
Sustainability Recyclable, biodegradable & compostable Non-biodegradable