Water-based coating Paper Cups

With water-based liquid barrier, Aqua Shield™ paper food packaging solutions offer the best alternative to any plastics coated paper packaging. This innovative water-based liquid barrier is engineered to be fully compatible with conventional paper recycling* systems.

Aqua Shield paper food packaging is FDA food contact safe, certified recyclable, repulpable and compostable, offering the best alternative to Polyethylene, PLA and wax coated packaging.

  • All-paper Solutions for Paper Cups, Bowls, Plates and more
  • Certified Compostable – EN 13432:2000 , NF T51-800:2015 & ASTM D6868-19
  • Tested Repulpable & Recyclable
  • OBA Free**
  • PFAS Free
  • Phthalate Free***
  • Food contact safe under FDA Regulation
  • Premium Heavy-duty Paperboard
  • Highly printable graphics with water-based inks
  • FSC certified paperboard available

water-based barrier coating
water-based barrier coating

Water-based Barrier Coating

*Recycling/Recyclable – Products can be processed into new useful products. This is done to reduce the use of raw materials that would have been used. Recycling uses less energy and is a great way of controlling air, water and land pollution. This product is recyclable. However, recycling facilities for this product may not exist in your area.

**OBA: Optical Brighteners Agent

***Phthalate Free – Covered Packaging shall mean that each vinyl component of each Covered Packaging contains less than or equal to 1,000 parts per million (“ppm”) of di(2- ethylhexyl) phthalate (“DEHP”), dibutyl phthalate (“DBP”), diisononyl phthalate (“DINP”), diisodecyl phthalate (“DIDP”), di-n-hexyl phthalate (“DnHP”) and butyl benzyl phthalate (“BBP”) as determined test results using Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”) testing methodologies 3580A and 8270C.

U.S. FDA Food Contact Safe Testing Report

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