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The 4evergreen Guidance on the Improved Collection and Sorting of Fibre-Based Packaging for Recycling is based on a review of the institutional frameworks and different collection and sorting systems in European countries. It offers an overview of existing systems and subsequent practical recommendations for enhancing collection and sorting of different types of fibre-based packaging.

The Recyclability Evaluation Protocol, produced by the 4evergreen alliance is a landmark tool will help the entire value chain enhance and harmonise how it evaluates the recyclability of existing and future packaging products. Fibre-based packaging designers, manufacturers and recyclers are constantly innovating to create new products and technologies. Their aim is to maximise circularity and help the sector play a crucial, positive role in shaping Europe’s climate-neutral future. But so far, they have lacked a common European method to assess product recyclability. To fill the gap, 4evergreen, the first alliance covering the whole fibre-based packaging sector, joined forces to develop the Recyclability Evaluation Protocol. 75 experts from across the entire value chain collaborated on the project, analysing data and incorporating results from more than 50 actual recycling tests involving close to 100 different samples. Check out this video to discover more!

Simple Lab demo on Water-based coated paper cup vs PE coated paper cup (Video in Chinese)